Wednesday, 27 June 2012

When Your Mouth Speaks,Your Mind Has To Listen...!

When Your Mouth Speaks,Your Mind Has To Listen...!

Lets face it, as long as you are on this earth ,a voice is going to talk to you,and that voice will test your Faith.
by bringing you circumstances and lies just to see if your listning and taking them in.
   But when you hear that voice,refuse to have anything to do with it.
   Always remember..that great biblical psalm 118:v6   "The Lord Is On My Side ,I Do Not Fear..!"

Starve Your Doubts ,Feed Your Faith.!

 Open your mouth and use those words to cotradict those lies.

 If the voice tells you ,"You Might Lose Your Job,and everything will crumble.."

 Dont Struggle with that thought.SPEAK UP..AND SAY "My Job Is Secure,my Life and Prospects are increasing every day,..everything i need will be supplied..

   When your mouth speaks ,your mind has to listen to what its saying.

You might not believe it the fisrt time you make that confession.But if you keep saying it,you will keep hearing it ,And what you hear you will believe.
   Eventualy your faith will be so strong,and your heart so full, You will start speaking with total confidence.
   That when that negative voice will riun for coverbecause fear vhas no chance when faith comes on the scene...........  FAITH is the Original.FEAR Is the Counterfeit,And the Real Overcomes the Phoney everytime.

  Again the Bible Says in Psalm 118:v6  " The Lord Is On My Side.I do Not Fear!

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