Sunday, 1 July 2012

Some Quick Self Confidence Boosters

Some quick self confidence boosters

Having to face an interview you so longed, a business appointment or someone special for the
first time can really drain out your confidence. 

As you near the appointed time, you are surprised
that you are jittery about facing the very thing that you've longed for. 

You find fault in all the
preparations you have made and dread the appointed hour. Similar situations may arise in your
workplace or in your personal lives. All humans have an ever-changing nature and body.

 In the midst of such a dynamic life, maintaining one's self esteem and confidence is indeed a
 May be you could make good use of some advice.

Confidence is a relative term and can vary depending on time. Think and act positively even in adverse situations.

 Maintain your self-esteem and do not indulge in self-degradation even when
you may be at fault.
Perform a realty check on your confidence levels regularly and find reasons for low selfconfidence.
Take positive steps to correct personality disorders or emotional instabilities so as
to improve confidence.

 A confident person is one who has a clear understanding of his
weaknesses and takes appropriate actions.

A confidant person laughs easily while a secretive and doubtful one pretends to show his
Be assured in life that you deserve the best and expect the best out of all that life has to offer you, and your posture and facial expressions will not betray your ill-founded fears.

Exercise regularly to maintain body posture and walk upright, with confident steps, steady eyes and a composed look. In moments of nervousness, simple tricks like breathing deeply and letting your neck and shoulder muscles relax slowly make you composed and improves confidence.

A day prior to your D-day, and assuming you have done all the background work for the
interview or appointment well in advance, sit down calmly.

 Go through the requirements andanalyze areas where you may not have the right answers. Prepare probable explanations and present them in a positive way.

Rather than fretting over an uncertain future, gain confidence from your past achievements. Do not dwell over the all the things that can possibly go wrong. Remember many have been there before you and survived to tell the tale.

Learn to look into the eyes of adversity. Maintaining eye contact while having a conversation
helps a lot, since it gives an impression of one's self-confidence. It also helps you gauge the
flaws and confidence level of your opponent. Analyzing a situation threadbare and learning fr ompast mistakes can give enough confidence to overcome current obstacles.

Prioritizing your goals can help you tackle issues one at a time, without having to loose sleep
over trivial matters. May be you have been grappling with issues which are not all that important for you to move forward in life. 

To gain confidence, begin with goals that you think are achievable.

Get involved in activities that can bring out the best in you.

 You may not be the best business executive, but you may be far better in sports, literature or gaming. 

Just as a sugar pill may cure an unsuspecting patient, a healthy lifestyle and positive attitude may give one the confidence to
dig one's way out of the most difficult of situations.

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