Saturday, 30 June 2012


If You Can Believe,ALL Things ARE Possible To Him Who Believes..Mark 9;23

What confidence jesus had..I remember the story When Jesus was on the way to heal jairu's daughter,a member of Jairus family meet Jairus  on the way and told him not to bother jesus futher as the girl had already died...naturally,.Jairus was upset by this news,and jesus new it would be difficult for him to understand what he was doing.
                                                 His word to Jairus was "Fear Not--Only Believe And She Shall Be Made Whole"-and she was.

                                       We still hear those words today.No matter the cicumstance or situation.
Speak out those words.I may seem to difficult .How much more difficult must it have been for Jairus to beleive that his daughter would be brought back to life!


No matter what you are believing for,be it health, promotion, confidence,security,more finances,wisdom, success, good relationships,and all the other things.....Please remember. in MARK 11;24

Therefore i tell you.whatever you ask for in prayer.believe that you receivd it,and it will be yours.


Wednesday, 27 June 2012

When Your Mouth Speaks,Your Mind Has To Listen...!

When Your Mouth Speaks,Your Mind Has To Listen...!

Lets face it, as long as you are on this earth ,a voice is going to talk to you,and that voice will test your Faith.
by bringing you circumstances and lies just to see if your listning and taking them in.
   But when you hear that voice,refuse to have anything to do with it.
   Always remember..that great biblical psalm 118:v6   "The Lord Is On My Side ,I Do Not Fear..!"

Starve Your Doubts ,Feed Your Faith.!

 Open your mouth and use those words to cotradict those lies.

Friday, 22 June 2012

What is Confidence...

 Now thats some question..!  what is it...why do people have more and some less!
 Is it upbringing,... well, it seems that no matter what level of society you come from ,you can suffer from lack of confidence
  I remember at school when the teacher never encouraged me ,but keept telling me im useless.So my self esteem sunk,and i felt so useless,and no confidence at all... but things changed.
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